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F1b Multigen Labradoodle Puppies in North Carolina and South Carolina

DSC_0471 specializes in high quality, cross-bred Multigen F1b Labradoodle puppies.

Looking for a multigen Labradoodle puppy in the Carolinas? You’ve come to the right spot. F1 Labradoodles are hit and miss with their coat quality, but multigen F1b Labradoodle puppies almost always have outstanding non-shedding coats. By breeding a F1 Labradoodle (50% Labrador Retriever / 50% Poodle) back to a Standard Poodle, you get a multigen F1b Labradoodle puppy that typically has a non-shedding hypoallergenic poodle coat. These F1b multigen Labradoodles usually have the Poodle brains and the Poodle coats, but also have excellent temperaments. It’s not surprising that multigen Labradoodles and F1b Labradoodles are more desirable and more expensive than a simple 50-50 F1 Labradoodle.

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We specialize in high-quality multi-generational F1b Labradoodle puppies in SC and NC. Because of high demand for our multigen Labradoodle puppies, we typically have a fairly long waiting list.

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Multigen Labradoodle Coat

A F1 Labradoodle will almost never have the same quality of coat as an F1b Labradoodle. Unlike the long-haired Golden Retriever Coat, the short-coated Labrador Retriever mixed with a Poodle can often have scruffy-looking results, that may shed. By breeding the F1 50-50 Labradoodle back to an unrelated Poodle, the chances of getting the highly desirable non-shedding Poodle coat increase exponentially in a multigen Labradoodle puppy.

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Multigen Labradoodles are currently the top choice for service dogs. They are loyal, non-shedding, and incredibly intelligent. We are always thrilled to see one of our puppies go to a home where he will be used as a service dog. We’ve also had puppies used for therapy dogs.


Who We Are

We are not the typical multigen Labradoodle puppy breeder. I’m a theology professor at a private Christian university (Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC), and my wife is an events coordinator and stay-at-home mom for our three young children (see our picture below).


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We have one male red standard Poodle and one female chocolate Labradoodle. They are both beautiful dogs with wonderful temperaments. They are family pets. If someone says their puppies are family raised, but they have 9 mother dogs and 4 father dogs, you have to question how much attention each puppy actually gets.


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F1b multigenerational Labradoodle puppies are an excellent choice for many people, but they are not right for everyone. If you cannot afford to take care of a dog, or if you’re not in an optimal time period in your life for a dog, by all means wait. For many people adopting a dog at the humane society is a wonderful option. There is far less predictability about what you will get, but if you’re in a stage of life where you don’t require a non-shedding dog, or a quiet dog, or a certain size of dog, please consider adopting at your local humane society.


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You may have specific needs in a puppy. Because F1b multigen Labradoodles are typically non-shedding, hypoallergenic, kid friendly, medium-sized, seldom-barking dogs, many people highly desire them.  I’d strongly encourage you not buy from a multigen Labradoodle breeder who ships puppies. You don’t want to inadvertently support a Labradoodle puppy mill. Because the demand for our puppies far exceeds the supply (since we only have one Labradoodle mother), I’d be happy to try to point you to some other responsible breeder who may be able to help you find a great multigen Labradoodle puppy. is completely opposed to shipping Labradoodle puppies.


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Price for Our F1b Multigen Labradoodle Puppies

We charge $1800 for each puppy. Please read below to find out about the hundreds of dollars of extra services and items included in this price.

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We want each of the families that adopt an F1b multigen Labradoodle puppy from us, to have a wonderful experience, so we include hundreds of dollars of “extras” with each of our puppies. We microchip the puppy, supply you with a top-of-the-line full size crate (worth $150); give you a puppy collar and puppy leash, also give you a full size latigo leather collar and leash for when your Labradoodle is full grown, give you a bag of top quality dog food, top of the line stainless steel food and water bowls, great puppy training material, and give you a free photo session where you get to keep all of the pictures. Our goal is to have each family that adopts a puppy from us leave with a wonderful multigen Labradoodle puppy having had a wonderful experience. 

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If you want a fun-loving, kid-friendly, medium-t0-high energy outstanding dog, you should definitely consider a Labradoodle. If you want your Labradoodle to be hypoallergenic (low-to-no shedding) you should get a F1b multi-generation Labradoodle, and if you want your Labradoodle to be family raised and well-socialized around children, then you’re definitely at the right place.

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For info about our future multigen F1b Labradoodle puppies, please email


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